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my creativity 100!!my ideas for living well...
my creativity 100

1. sleep less or dream more
2. never put your creativity off - the more you postpone it the more you slowly kill it
3. act on an idea as soon as you have it - just do one thing to get it moving, now
4. write down everything that pops into your head until you start really writing
5. carry a notebook and a camera everywhere
6. spend hours alone, nurture your creative self by knowing yourself
7. dont talk about your ideas too much .. it can dissipate the energy
8. rest whenever you feel like it
9. study the colors in the world
10. walk when you are frustrated or stuck even if you dont feel like leaving your studio - just walk
11. listen to music that makes you want to dance
12. collect things
13. have inspiration on hand always - books, magazines, photos, stories etc.
14. document your life - its art is progress
15. find people who inspire you and spend time with them
16. find something to laugh about everyday. the world can be a pretty sad place otherwise
17. try and find a higher purpose in your work
18. live up to your own ideals
19. eat well
20. dont take drugs - the eat your creativity and passion and make you boring
21. fight boredom with vigor
22. if you dont feel inspired, wait, walk, write, rest but most of all wait and be ready to act
23. follow an animal around for a day
24. make sure your creative space is uniquely yours and you can be work uninterrupted
25. learn to cook for yourself
26. learn to live on little
27 and love a lot
28. dont be afraid of caring a LOT about things
29. when something really touches you, stick with it.. it made you cry for a reason. it could be your heart calling you
30. write a list of wickedly fun and creative things to do when you dont have anything to do
31. stretch like a cat
32. buzz like a bee
33. dance like a diva
34. watch good movies
35. read that book thats been sitting on your bedside table for weeks, even if you just read a page and then feel like writing/drawing yourself
36. dont doubt yourself
37. practise practise practise your craft
38. whenever you have had an original idea, research it. then really develop it
39. use libraries, bookshops and newsagents for free browsing
40. remember its all theft this art game, so steal from the best. and splashes of originality... follow your heart, and if it looks like something that's gone before you, acknowledge your predecessors
41. know your influences and why
42. work hard when you can, the day will come when you cant anymore
43. build a body of work worth looking back on
44. dont throw any of your work away - keep it in journals or wherever
45. learn a body skill - martial arts, yoga, swimming, cycling, whatever
46. find people who 'get' you
47. dont waste time explaining yourself to those that dont
48. learn to be articulate and polite
49. and above all, intelligent, not fickle or flippant
50. learn to love things that last
51. study people
52. be observant always - watch the world around you and make connections
53. write your own creativity 100
54. submit entries into competitions
55. keep a blog - even if just for yourself
56. call your mother often and tell her you love her
57. on your birthday thank your mum for what she did for you - you are alive now arent you? be grateful. it performs miracles for your health and career
58. be hopeful, make wishes, and wish good things for others
59. have a healthy sex life - even if its just with yourself
60. read books - a lot
61. turn off the television but stay connected to the world - keep in touch but dont let it drown you
62. dont try and be like everyone else. or anyone else
63. develop artistic interests outside your own - hang out with musicians if you are a visual artist
64. read your star sign and if you dont like it - read someone else's and be that for the day
65. watch the seasons change
66. watch sunsets and sunrises and stare at the moon for long periods. its good for you
67. avoid prescribed medicines as much as possible
68. find a good alternative health practioner
69. experiment, experiment, experiment
70. dont let not knowing how to do something put your off doing it, life is a learning process
71. do something you have never done before - write a list of these things and work through the list
72. plant trees, flowers, vegetables
73. talk to living things and listen to their needs
74. remember you are on a big blue green planet spinning around and there is no up or down or right or wrong, then find your truth in that
75. make an impact on people's lives with your kindness, and generosity
76. do random acts of kindness - it can change someone's life and make your heart smile inside
77. surprise people with your open mind AND intelligence
78. share, learn to share
79. did i say you need to learn to share??
80. find someone who is less fortunate than you and ease their burden
81. be curious about people - ask questions, a lot, find out what makes them tick
82. breathe, and be patient
83. write down your dreams - always - and look over them and wonder what they mean
84. talk about things with people - learn to discuss and share ideas without being 'right' or 'wrong'
85. fight prejudice, racism, homophobia, sexism, poverty
86. remember how it felt to be 4 years old
87. use your non dominant hand for a while everyday
88. give some of your ideas away for free. not all of them. just some of them. and give away things you arent using for people that need them more
89. clean your living area regularly - its cleansing for your mind
90. put artistic limits on yourself - work only in black and white for a day, or use one color predominantly. limit everything to only two fonts. make design decisions that are out of ordinary and experiment. break your patterns and learn what is possible
91. change your clothes to suit your mood
92. wear wigs, dress up, cross dress, go incognito - have fun
93. say i would NEVER... then do that thing
94. respect the rights of living things always
95. eat carefully and consciously
96. practise gratitude. again. there is someone out there who wishes they were as lucky as you
97. find cheap inexpensive and original gifts to give to people that you care about
98. reward yourself - hot baths, facials, a bottle of champage, flowers. do it for yourself
99. laugh. if you are feeling really serious hire a bunch of funny movies
100. stare at clouds draw write remember what you see

enjoy my sexier looking live journal... x


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